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Gepubliceerd door ARRL in ARRL · 5/2/2014 13:40:18
Tags: RailRidinghamRadioMinnesotamobileoperationonHF20meters14MHz

Rail Riding Radio

In 2011, I became curious as to how an HF station might operate from a moving passenger train. Many ham operators design and test their equipment to operate in harsh emergency conditions. Those operating conditions are never the same and never predictable. Operating “railroad mobile” would be another opportunity to adapt HF gear to an environment that was certainly not designed with long range communications in mind. A modest test involved a simple 20 meter wire attached to some existing insulators on a rail car’s roof. A small group of operators made some good contacts and seeded the idea for a railroad mobile club. Read More

Zierikzee zendamateurs tijdens watersnoodramp

Gepubliceerd door marc PA7MU in amateur radio · 2/2/2013 12:19:12
Tags: Zierikzeezendamateurstijdenswatersnoodrampferbtuari1953

Randy,K7AGE Builds the Elecraft KX3 HF Transciever

Gepubliceerd door K7AGE, Randy in amateur radio · 26/1/2013 14:23:02
Tags: RandyK7AGEBuildstheElecraftKX3HFTranscieverhamradio

Funkamateur Magazine KOMPLETE JAHRGANG 2012

Gepubliceerd door PA7MU in Magazine · 23/12/2012 20:45:33
Tags: downloadfunkamateurmagazineKOMPLETEsJAHRGANG2012fullyearjaargangeditionmagazine

TS990 of Kenwood best video until now

Gepubliceerd door marc PA7MU in amateur radio · 5/9/2012 20:56:32
Tags: NEWvideobestkenwoodts990stokyohamfairpdfhighperformancebrochure2012
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