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Vadrum Speaks Morse Code (Drum Video)

Gepubliceerd door marc PA7MU in amateur radio mors code · 2/2/2013 22:20:40
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The fastest way to learn a new language? Obviously by playing it! :-D
What's up everyone, here's you the fascinating Morse Code alphabet as you've never heard before, arranged and played by myself with the new drumset...enjoy and have fun! ^_^

Il metodo più veloce per imparare un nuovo linguaggio? Ovviamente suonandolo! :-D Ecco a voi l'affascinante Alfabeto Morse come non l'avete mai sentito, arrangiato e suonato dal sottoscritto con il nuovo drumset...buona visione e buon divertimento! ^_^ vadrum
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- "Morse Code Music" track by VE1VAC (modded by Vadrum)
- Idea and full arrangement: Andrea Vadrucci (Vadrum)
- The letter Q is written wrong but the sound is right (thanks guys for reporting!): it's --.- instead of ---.

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